Game Dev

Masks in-game

I just finished integrating the mask feature. In total, there are 16 masks to unlock. I think it’s a decent number of items.

Some masks will still have both positive and negative impact. For example, this one increasesthe damages of the sword by 2 but lowers the life of the player by 2.

Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 23.22.12.png

Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 23.25.11

I had some localScale issues at first. This was quite interesting…

Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 12.54.38.png

Alright, let’s get back to level creation.

Game Dev


I made some updates on the customisation logic to introduce masks (or hats).

Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 02.25.08.png

I previously introduced perks for weapons, and I felt like I could have another item for perks. So I decided weapons will only have bad effects (= only reduce health and dash) and masks will only have good effects. Let’s say a good sword reduces the health by 2 points, then you could wear a mask giving 2 health points to fix that, for example. The whole point is to force players to use his money for that, of course 🙂

In this section, I also try to bring a bit of jokes. I need to have more of that. Else it will be way to serious.

Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 02.26.20.png

Here is a demo:

Note that there is a new “Skills” section (cf first screenshot). I moved the “Super” section there. And there is also a new “Combo” section. The combo I previously introduced (cf Sword Combos) will have to be unlocked as well.

Game Dev

Level 2 or 3

I’m still working on this level… I now wonder if it shouldn’t be the level 3 instead of 2.
I wanted to introduce the cages (cf Rabbit Rescue) starting level 3. But the working with the stairs gives me so many opportunities to hide cages it would be a waste. For example, at the end of the first part of the level, you can collect some coins if you get down before activating the bridge. This could be a perfect location for a cage.

See for yourself.

This video ends with the Level Complete event but it’s actually just half of the level. I tend to make levels in 2 parts. This enables me to make lighter scenes in terms of resources and this way it eases the creation of  “checkpoints”.

Compared to the previous post the colouring differs.. I changed the shaders because I was applying one that is not compatible on mobile. It’s a shame because I liked it. But this one gives a nice cartoon touch I think!

Screenshot 2020-03-29 at 00.41.24.png

Let’s continue!

Game Dev


I hope you are safe at home! Can’t wait to go back to our usual day to day life! But note this also gives us the opportunity to work on our personal dev projects on our spare time!! So let’s complete this game already!

I almost completed the score page (cf previous post). I just need to change some icons and then it should be done for good.

Still, I’m back on level making and I’m just starting the 2nd level, finally.

The idea in the first levels is to introduce different game mechanics one after another before I can mix everything. Here I’ll introduce the stairs. I just tried to give a proper look and feel to the old ladder I created (cf post about jumping) and this should do.

Screenshot 2020-03-22 at 01.34.42.png

Here is how it works:

Now I’ll put some more stairs, some battles some hidden crates and a boss (just a regular enemy appearing for the first time). That’s it…

Take care!

Game Dev

Menu and Music

Hey there,

It’s been a while.
Truth is I never stopped working on the project but since I’m not working on gameplay anymore (I’m trying to restrain myself from adding anything else there), I’m mainly working on boring parts: Menus. Currently I’m making the end level menu where you see what you earned and the achievements you unlocked. It’s really a pain but it’s a must have, right?

Screenshot 2020-02-03 at 01.25.50.png

Here is the current state. It’s really basic and I still have a lot more to do there. The orbs on the right side will be replaced with a diamond image later on.

Aside from this, to keep my stamina high, I’m exploring sounds… One of my biggest challenges yet to come is really how the game will sound like. I’m having fun making few themes by myself, but I don’t think it will be an option on the long run…

Here is the theme for the tutorial :

More to come…

Game Dev

Weapon Perks

After some busy weeks, I’m back on the game!

Few posts bellow I mentioned my concern about weapons variety and then introduced the bullet limitation. The result was making the gameplay too harsh (from my perspective) so I decided to remove this feature. Finally I came with something else! The “Weapon Perks”.

The idea is quite simple. Take a sword for example. The available properties for swords are:

  • Damage
  • Speed
  • Range

So the only way for me to make swords was to play on those properties. Considering the current maximum damage dealt in one blow is 5, I felt like it would be tough to have plenty of different swords that would have real impact on gameplay. So I added “perks” that will increase/reduce your life/super/dash bars.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 22.17.18.png
Perks are displayed under the sword properties.

Grey perks have negative impacts while coloured perks have positive impacts.

On the picture above, for example, the katana removes 2 slots from the life bar and adds 1 to the dash bar. So even-though the katana is faster than most of the swords it has some drawbacks.
The same perks also applies to guns. I had a hard time creating different gun specs so it will help me move forward on the matter.

Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 22.17.51.png
This swords reduces the cost of the super attack by 1 slot.
Screenshot 2019-10-12 at 22.26.01.png
This sword reduces the dash bar by 2 slots and increases the cost of the super attacks by 2.

While it’s good for me, I hope it won’t bring too much confusion to the player.

Oh, note I added new swords to the game! I didn’t design those. I simply got this awesome pack on Unity Asset Store. I then played a bit with the materials to have the black outline, that’s it. It really fits my whole style I think. It’s a shame the artist didn’t make guns. I’ll have to tackle that sooner or later…

Let’s proceed further!

Game Dev

Sword Combos

While messing around with the last enemy I created (cf previous post), I felt like the lasting fights would get boring at some point (repeating the same moves). So I introduced 3 attacks that can be triggered after special move sequences. And the more hits combo you cumulated, the more powerful those attacks will be.

Here are the patterns:

  • 360 Spin: Left + Left or Right + Right
  • Vertical Spin: Down + Down
  • Aerial: Left + Right + Up or Right + Left + Up

Here is the result:

There are some camera glitches I need to fix but beside this, I won’t touch this feature anymore I hope. Still, I did some changes since I recorded this. When triggering an arial attack, if no enemy was touched after the first slash, then it will shorten the attack. This prevent the player from levitating alone (like at 1:28min in the video).

Finally, I did 2 unrelated changes:

  • I moved the combo hits feedback to the middle of the screen. Whenever I tried the game on mobile my hands were hiding the text on the side of the screen, so I moved it. I feel it’s way better there.
  • I put back the infinite ammo! Yeah… It was just too hardcore with limited ammo.