Game Dev

Level 2-2 completed!

The level 2-2 is done! That’s the twelfth level already! I’m excited and sure I’ll manage to reach my target: 30 levels for a first release.

I decided to remove the “Friendly fires”… It was way too hardcore. I was killing the other rabbit all the time. Still, this is quite a tough level. I needed to unlock plenty of upgrades to make sure I could complete the level in the video.

I really wonder if a regular player would be able to complete it. Well I hope a regular player would farm to get enough money or just pay to get the upgrades faster (yeah, I really hope so).

The level is introducing a new rabbit, the Mountain Cat and the crystals that require an explosion. Those crystals will re-appear in different levels (especially when the mecha will be involved! Can’t wait).

That’s one more level done. Let’s move to the next one!
Next one will simply be a level where you need to find all the Mountain Cats and kill them. It’s nothing fancy so it should be done quickly.
I already listed all the levels I will be doing for this second world. I just have few doubts for level 5 and 6. Everything else should be quite smooth.

Game Dev

New super attacks

I made some new super attacks. I planned to make those a long time ago and felt like working on that now. More will probably come really soon because I am cheating a bit: I’m using enemies as super attacks. I basically make the player able to spawn enemies who will fight for him… Easy trick.

Here is an example fighting the boss of level 10 with a summon of gunners:

There’s a physic glitch when the gunners spawn though. I’ll fix that later!

Here is another invocation involving a different cat:

Finally this super attack will stun all the enemies on the screen:

I changed a bit the status bar of the HUD:

It’s better than before even if I still don’t like it. Still it should do the job for now…

Game Dev

Loot boxes completed!

Alright, the loot boxes are now integrated and covers all the items of the game. Here are some examples:

You have 40% chance to get only diamonds. And the 60% left are distributed between colors, tie colors, health upgrades, dash upgrades, clothes, swords, guns, masks, and super attacks. Of course you have more chances to get a new color than a new sword (20% vs 5%).

The player needs to get 3 stars on a level to unlock a loot box.

Game Dev

Loot boxes

I’m currently implementing some feedbacks I got from the testers. Just like the “combo shields” this new suggestion seemed really interesting to me. The idea here is to have “loot boxes”. Whenever the player gets 3 stars on a level he will have to open a box with a random reward.

Of. course, some items will be quite hard to unlock (based on a simple rarity classification).

I still have some reward types to support (health, dash, masks, clothes). But the most important part is complete.

Game Dev

Combo Shields v2

I changed a bit their designs. In addition to the color pattern, I tried to give different shapes

Also I integrated those to some existing enemies already. Piece of a cake 🙂

Game Dev

Combo shields

The beta is still going on and I’m gathering some feedbacks: not so many, let’s be honest… It’s hard to get friends into a constructive yet time consuming process.

Still I got some gameplay ideas out of the few comments I got. One of the first observation is that: The combo mechanics are not introduced in the levels. So nobody knows how to trigger those. In a recent post I introduced the “Training Room” where you learn those combos. But the player still has to explore the menu to discover it. It’s not trivial.

So one suggestion I received was to introduce the combos by fighting enemies that could only die being hit by such attacks. They can serve as mini bosses the first time they appear and they can be recurrent enemies to bring even more variety to the fights.

I made some generic shield that I can put on any type of enemy:

  • Green shield: Will block everything but hammer combo
  • Orange shield: Will block everything but 360 combo
  • Purple shield: Will block everything but Aerial combo

It should do the trick. I’ll now put that on regular cats.

Game Dev

Mountain Cat

A new world needs some new enemies…
I do have some other cats in the pocket but the new setting is not really convenient to introduce those. So here comes a totally new enemy.

Again, it’s a quick win : Mesh recycling, new basic animations made in Blender, and cheap texture. I added a mask so I don’t even have to spend too much time on a facial expression. And here we go:

Code name “Mountain cat”

This cat moves faster and is more aggressive (2 attacks in a row) than others. He doesn’t react to hit nor dashes. That’s it.

I tried facing 2 of those at once and it’s a bit tricky… So I’ll keep it alone at first.

Well, all other enemies got turned in blue and got an upgrade of life and some tweaking of their attack parameters. That’s it for now… It should be enough for the next 5 levels.

I also have some mini games and a mecha ready to be integrated so that’s all good! World 2 will be a piece of cake to develop.

Game Dev

Level 2-1 – Work in Progress

While I’m gathering feedbacks I’m starting adding more levels. I don’t plan to ship a release with only 10 levels.

The 2nd world’s setting will be in the mountains.

I’m trying to reuse the assets as much as possible to reduce the time of design… But I still have enemies and game mechanics to introduce, so this 2nd world will still be interesting I think 🙂

More to come soon.