Game Dev

Mountain Cat

A new world needs some new enemies…
I do have some other cats in the pocket but the new setting is not really convenient to introduce those. So here comes a totally new enemy.

Again, it’s a quick win : Mesh recycling, new basic animations made in Blender, and cheap texture. I added a mask so I don’t even have to spend too much time on a facial expression. And here we go:

Code name “Mountain cat”

This cat moves faster and is more aggressive (2 attacks in a row) than others. He doesn’t react to hit nor dashes. That’s it.

I tried facing 2 of those at once and it’s a bit tricky… So I’ll keep it alone at first.

Well, all other enemies got turned in blue and got an upgrade of life and some tweaking of their attack parameters. That’s it for now… It should be enough for the next 5 levels.

I also have some mini games and a mecha ready to be integrated so that’s all good! World 2 will be a piece of cake to develop.

Game Dev

Level 2-1 – Work in Progress

While I’m gathering feedbacks I’m starting adding more levels. I don’t plan to ship a release with only 10 levels.

The 2nd world’s setting will be in the mountains.

I’m trying to reuse the assets as much as possible to reduce the time of design… But I still have enemies and game mechanics to introduce, so this 2nd world will still be interesting I think 🙂

More to come soon.


Beta started

I just started to share some builds with people to get some feedbacks.
So far I didn’t got much but I hope I can have some constructive critics. The whole point is to make the game better anyway.

If you are reading these lines and you are interested in testing the game, please join us on Discord:

The builds and instructions are on Discord.

I hope to have more testers soon 🙂

Digital art, Game Dev


As I mentioned in a previous post, the story is introduced with some cartoon drawings. I did that really fast. The story isn’t worth much anyway but it makes it a bit more “funny” I hope.

The player can of course skip this intro!

Game Dev

Training Room

The tutorial being too short to explain all the mechanics, I added this simple level the player can access to learn some more on the gameplay and test his equipment.

All the possible gestures are explained there.

This was not really mandatory… I did again something that delay the release! I know! But it’s done!

Game Dev


I just wanted to get some more clothes. Just for fun. Because I wanted to have Ninja outfit for a while. So I did it and some more.

I like it!
Any similarity with an existing character is just a coincidence!
Steam Punk

Making an outfit is really easy. Especially considering I’m not doing much details there! So making the hitman for example was 5 mins approx!

So now I got 10 different outfits already! Let’s stop there for now… It was not even necessary to begin with!

Let’s go back to more important topics!

Game Dev


I added some guns to the game. I don’t think it does much difference but I hope people will still try those. There are 6 guns so far with different behaviour:

  • Cyber Gun: Default gun with low fire rate and 1 damage per bullet
  • Double: Lower fire rate than previous gun but fires 2 bullets at a time
  • Blaster: Slower bullet, one bullet at a time but higher fire rate
  • Desperados: High velocity bullet, Slow fire rate, 2 damages per bullet
  • Charger: You need to charge the bullet and release it. The longer it’s charged higher are the damages
  • Laser: Good fire rate, bullet go through enemies, 2 damages per bullet
Charger Gun

This will do for a first version. I need to find the right pricing for all of the items though. It’s a pain.

Here is a record of the game running on mobile with the sounds integrated! It showcases one of the guns (charger):

So wha’s left?

  • Make an introduction with sketches
  • Adjust the pricing of the items
  • Integrate ads
  • Integrate analytics tools
  • Integrate in app purchases
  • Put some “Coming Soon” messages on features not implemented (online mode, Level World 2…)
  • Create some community pages

And then release a version 🙂

Game Dev

Pause Menu

Right, it was about time…

Initially I thought this menu would have more option. But after all I decided to go with the essential. I’ll see in the future if anything else is needed.

I’m almost done integrating the sounds.

I hope by end of next week I can make some builds for a Beta!