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Level 2-8 completed!

The level 2-8 is done! It was quite easy to do it. It’s only recycling mechanics I introduced in the previous levels. Here the mechas will be used during the whole level to fight and prorgress.

I already completed half of the level 2-9! Truth is the first part of level 2-9 was supposed to be the 2nd part of level 2-8 but it was too long to be so. So I changed a bit its look and feel and renamed it!

I already know how level 2-10 will be like. It will take a bit of time to do. But if I manage to work properly the evenings this coming week and the weekend, I should be able to finish every thing.

Alright, I’m already thinking about the 3rd and last world of this version. I’m not sure I’ll make it for end of December as I initially planned. But I’ll try!

Game Dev

Level 2-7 completed!

The level 2-7 is done! I had fun introducing the mecha. I also changed a bit the gameplay. It was a challenge to aim and fire previously. So I made it so it’s possible to rotate the top part of the robot! I used some tricks but the result is what I wanted!

I also introduced some switches you can only activate if you are driving a mecha:

I’m thinking the same way for every feature: If it can serve a purpose, then it can serve many! This way the mecha can also be a part of the mini games. In Level 2-8, for example, the player will have to find a mecha to move forward. Well you get the idea.

Let’s keep calm and carry on.

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Unity editor vs iOS

While testing the game on iOS I figured out that some behaviours really differs! I was investigating an issue lately that I could only replicate on mobile. And the outcome is quite interesting for me.

I have this piece of code on a “Gun.cs” script.

audioSource.PlayOneShot(fireClip, 1f);

Nothing fancy. This line will simply play a clip without looping and with a volume set to 100%.

The Gun script is used for all the guns of the game. And lately some new enemies I created were failing to fire on mobile but not in the editor. Actually they were shooting once and then stopping while in the editor they were shooting at will.

After debugging with Xcode it appears that I simply forgot to add the AudioSource component to their weapons. So the audioSource property was simply null. I’m even surprised this was working in the editor. Even though there is a big chance I didn’t check the warnings there, the behaviour was totally different. It’s really worth testing on mobile!

Still, there is a really neat trick to make sure you never forget required components with your scripts:

public class Gun : MonoBehaviour

This will add the AudioSource component to your GameObject for you.

I felt like writing something for Unity devs for once 🙂
Maybe once I released the game, I’ll do some tutorials!

Game Dev

Level 2-7 WIP

I’m currently working on the level 2-7. That’s the 17th level, already!

The block moving mini game is reused here with a more complex puzzle. You first need to move the block to make a bridge, go up activate the switch to open a door and finally move the block to avoid the laser. That’s a really nice part of the level I think!

Then it’s just about some battles and a door with a password to find. I already completed the first part of the level.

The second part is introducing the mecha as I mentioned in my previous post. Finally!

I spent a bit of time to add some sounds to it. It was missing. Now each step makes it look so real it seems alive 🙂

I reused the first tutorial here. The gameplay of the mecha is quite close to the one of the character. The main difference is that the player can fire in any direction. Here the robot will have to be rotated first.

I should be able to finish this level tomorrow evening after work! 🙂

Game Dev

Level 2-6 completed!

Probably one of my favorite levels so far I think! It got pretty much everything I like in the game: various mini games, decent fights, a bit of story telling…

I already introduced the first part in the previous post, but here is a record of the full level.

The scientist is back for more scripted events and dialogs:

The player will have to run for his life in this second part where a boulder is rolling down the slope. On the way, he will have to avoid some blockers. Classic.

Some enemies will spawn and run as well, but they won’t make it, of course.

Let’s work on the Level 2-7 with more mini-games and the first mecha around the end of the level!

Game Dev

Level 2-6 Part 1

I didn’t manage to finish the level 2-6 in the weekend but at least the first part is done. I feel like the levels are growing longer. I hope it’s still ok. I didn’t think I would one day complain about levels being too long, to be honest, but I wonder if it will be ok for most of the players.

The level introduces the block mini game. At last! It feels great when all the parts are finally used in levels.

The player will also have to open a door with a code (introduced in level 1-8). And this will appear more in following levels.

I like this character:

Some fights end up being a bit messy… But still, I think I did a decent job there for a cheap mobile game 🙂

The mecha will be introduced in level 2-7. I can’t wait 🙂

Game Dev

Level 2-5 completed!

Yeah, that was fast! It’s not the best of the levels for sure. Maybe it’s even the worst! But that’s still one level done. It’s recycling 90% of the level 1-5: It’s a shooter again, with nothing new, not even a boss. Maybe I’ll update it in the future, but I think it does the job for now.

The level 2-6 is in progress. I’m introducing there a new mini game. I can’t wait to get it done 🙂

Game Dev

Level 2-4 completed!

As I mentioned in the previous post, the level 2-4 was already in progress. That’s why it’s didn’t take much time to be completed.

The level is quite basic and recycles a lot of elements. Still I introduced the enemies with yellow shields that can only be killed with a 360 combo.

Even if I’m recycling a lot, I’m trying to renew the level design. Here for example you need to reach an opposite platform to make the barrel explode with your gun and free the way. This way I can break a bit the linearity of the levels.

Let’s start the level 2-5. I already know how it will be so it should be fast. I hope I can end it during the weekend.

Game Dev

Level 2-3 completed!

It’s complete! It’s not the best level (the second part feels a bit empty) but it’s done!

The level 2-4 will introduce enemies with yellow shields (only vulnerable against 360 combo attacks). More to come.

Game Dev

Level 2-3: Work in Progress

I’m still making levels! I’m almost done with the level 2-3.

It’s nothing fancy. In the first part the player will have to find some cats in the map to be able to progress further.

And the second part is a regular exploration map.

I’m just adding some battle waves here and there and then I’ll move to level 2-4! I already started the level 2-4 by the way. I had some ideas so I did a bit already.