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New style

I’m currently working on the customization of the character.
I decided to give more personality to the rabbit in the process. So I changed a lot his texture.

Screenshot 2019-03-22 at 22.59.58.png

The red lines around the eyes are seams from Blender… Well I’m not an expert but I finally understood it was a mistake to “cut” the eyes from the face to begin with (at least for such a flat design). I learnt my lesson.

Regarding his new facial expression, I had some feedbacks saying he looked quite angry. I guess it’s fine since he kills cats.

My plan is to do 2 other skins at some point and call those “new characters”, change slightly the gameplay and sell them as an in-app purchases. Why not?

Anyway, if you don’t like the colors you can change that. Check my following post for more on the customization.