Game Dev

Stunned state

Enemies can now enter a state where they are vulnerable. On regular enemies you simply have to dash on them to get them stunned. On bigger enemies such as the “charger”, as before, he will enter a stunned state when hitting a wall. The stunned state is indicated with a white outline!

Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 16.11.00.png

I hope you like it.




Game Dev

Run and Shoot!

At last ! That’s something I wanted to do for such a long time… Since I’m a total beginner with animations I always thought it would be quite a challenge to handle this type of behaviour. At some point I even convinced myself it would be a bit like Resident Evil 4, where the character can only shoot when not moving. But in the end I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Truth is it took me 10 mins to do :

  • 5 mins to read and understand this :
  • 5 mins to refactor the code : easy, I just need to play the animation from the right layer with the right mask when I’m doing the shooting and then: Boom, mission complete!

I’m quite excited because the gameplay is getting more “dynamic”.

I did the same thing for the slashes. So it’s possible to use the sword while running. It won’t stop the character from running. To stop him, you’ll have to simply tap on the stop location you want.


I also changed the enemy’s armors logic. The dash isn’t doing any damage on armors anymore. This way the player has to get close and use a regular slash! I want to prevent the player from only using the gun and the dash.


Game Dev

Screen rotation

Here comes one of my features I find both cool and disturbing !

Something I didn’t say so far is I want my game to be something you can play with one single finger. That’s why I’m trying to make sure you can play it in a portrait mode. But when it comes to landscape I don’t just want to scale the view and keep the same rear camera. So I shifted the view to the side.


This will ensure you can properly move the character forward/backward easily on both orientations. Before it was tough to move forward in landscape if the level was linear and “made” for portrait. If you want to remind how it was in landscape, check here.

For me it’s an additional gameplay feature that is drastically changing my view on the level design. Now I’ll be able, for example, to hide things you can only see in portrait or landscape. I’m already imagining a boss whose weak point is moving (sometimes accessible in portrait, sometimes in landscape). Both anoying and interesting I think. But I’m still far from making bosses anyway 🙂

Let’s continue !

Game Dev

Beating some cats

Since I’m just in the process of coding various things I cannot show at the moment, I just felt like posting this gif showing a short testing session on my proto map with some cats.


This cat enemy is done. I think I’ll just twick its parameters in the future but I have every animations I required for it (from idle to death).

Well, I said “I was done with this cat” but actually I’m using it as a base for other enemies. For example, at the moment I’m making an armor for this cat. Cats with armors will be unsensitive to guns and deflect bullets. You’ll have to go to close combat and use the sword to break the armor before making damages. And I have tones of other ideas for the enemies reusing the same mesh !

Game Dev

OrsCoL video

Man… My Internet connection was down the whole weekend… I couldn’t upload the video earlier nor check MSDN when needed, nor check my mails, nor play Gears Of War 3 online with some friends. Then, I just went to a park with people and ended the weekend in some pubs with friends. Yeah, I failed to be a normal no life. I swear : Internet is a drug ! And it’s back ! 🙂

Here is a simple video of the game. It’s still “Work In Progress” but you’ll, at least, get the main idea.

The sounds are placeholders ! Some are really bad (especially the one on level up, huh ?). I hope I’ll be able to get some nice loops and be able to change the music every level (3-4 loops will be enough I think).
The difficulty right now in the Arcade mode is really easy. I’m going to do some tuning to make it a bit harder.
Some bonuses didn’t appear during the video but, in the Arcade mode you may also get a “Time” bonus and an other character. Well, nothing really important there…
By the way, you won’t start an Arcade game with bonuses in the inventory (I did it only for the video’s purpose).

I’m still working on the puzzles (I created 29 over the 64 I need). And I changed some of them since I made the video.