Game Dev

Now working on gameplay

I’m done with my camera re-factoring. It’s now working smoothly !
So it’s time to go back to gameplay ! There are so many things to do, I don’t even know where to start…
I watched some contra like indie games trailers lately (“Intrusion” for ex).
I’m really amazed every time I watch those videos… It makes me realize I won’t be able to do a “contra like” this great…
I’ll take some time this week to do some more game design.
If you got awesome ideas, don’t mind sharing…
To me, ideas are just like frags in Halo : it’s made to be shared with ME !

Anyway, it’s a pain to have no great concept nor even the time to think about it peacefully !!


Game Dev

Animation try

Well, I just tried to put some animations together to get something moving.
There are a lot of tweaks to do to make the whole thing better (gravity, anim speed), but I think it’s enough to get started.

(sorry for the sound from my microphone…)

To make this exemple, I just added the spritesheets in my engine, then I added some collision map and did some state machines ! I didn’t code a single line !

It means if I want to port this on iOS I need to code the core of my engine once more.  It’s such a pain. But I’ll have to… It’s not the top priority right now though.

Game Dev

Simple run animation


I’m drawing what could be the character’s animations. It’s quite interesting.
It’s the first time I do this kind of stuff…

Here is the simple run animation for Volt.

Actually the arm won’t be on the same image since I’ll have to be able to put and rotate an arm holding a weapon…

Feel free to use this sprite-sheet as a placeholder if you need one !

Right now I’m doing the “jump”… It’ll be a Contra/Sonic like jump so it should be easier 😀