Game Dev

New controls and combo mechanics!

Alright, most of the early reviews of the game show people really don’t fancy the controls.
To be honest, after playing so many hours with gestures, I really have a hard time on some levels playing with sticks. But still, here are the sticks:


  • Left stick for Movements
  • Right stick for gun Gun. The gun is a stick because you can shoot while moving

Other buttons:

  • Sword button: The gestures enabled you to choose which sword direction to do. But here tap multiple times on the button to do right, left, top-down, thrust (thrust pushes the enemy backward)
  • Dash button: Will be de-activated if the stamina bar is empty
  • Combo buttons: From this version onward, only 2 combos will be selectable before level starts. As of today there are only 3 combos but more are already designed and will be integrated later. One of the advantages of the gestures here was to allow multiple combos based on real gesture combinations. But buttons make it readable, for sure! The combos are also consuming the stamina so same as the dash, you can’t trigger a combo if you have no more stamina!

A new menu has been created to unlock and select combos. Following these new changes, I decided to lock the aerial combo by default. Sorry for that.

The update I’m preparing is not just about the controls by the way. This version will be named 2.0 due to the number of updates.

So here are the changes to come:

  • Choice of controls: Buttons (will become by default: a warning prompt will be displayed for people who already started the game), hybrid (move with joystick, everything else with gesture), full gestures (I’ll still keep it!)
  • Combo choice (2 max)
  • 1st chapter enemies are being updated: Classic cat life reduced (1 instead of 3), classic cats will run (instead of walk), more spawns to have dynamic fights from level 1!
  • 2 types of enemies removed: Enemies requiring specific combos are not compatible with the choice of combos mentioned before. Also, they were quite hard to deal with, even for me… So let’s get rid of those for now!
  • Swords are updated: First sword is now faster so you can enjoy a bit more the first fights!
  • Level 1 gets some styling update (water and mountains). Level 2 will get the same updates soon.
  • Story telling: The introduction story may differ a bit. It will be a bit more polished and come with some more jokes, hopefully.
  • Number of starting stamina increased (from 1 to 2)
  • New upgrades: Mentioned in the previous post (speed, shield).
  • Minor bug fixes in customization menu.

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